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Mosquito Bite Relief Made Quick & Easy!


How it Works...

Ok, that's quite enough of the stories of how well it works... I'm a technical guy myself and always sceptical so here's some more of how and almost more importantly why it actually works.


How it works...


Hold the ZapIt as shown. Place the tip against the bitten area

and ZapIt, ZapIt, ZapIt, ZapIt, ZapIt!

Click the activation button rapidly, at least 5 to 10 times.

You decide on the right number of zaps for your comfort.

After a few minutes the swelling and itching will normally ease

but if the symptoms persist for longer perform another series

of zaps on the bite.

ZapIt cannot harm you.

If the urge to scratch returns REMEMBER: ZAPIT, DON'T SCRATCH IT!

CARRY IT WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES. Keep it handy. Don't be tempted to scratch. Scratching bites can break the skin and allow for infection and scarring.

ZapIt will treat up to 1,000 bites. It's small and easy to carry around... on your key chain, in your purse, attached to your rucksack, in your car, in the medicine cabinet, junk drawer or top draw at the office. You never know when you'll be bitten or when the urge to scratch will occur. Buy a few and keep them handy.

ZapIt! in Action

Now this is amazing! As I was shooting the video above I was, as you saw, bitten by a mosquito. (I know, you can't pay for that kind of timing!) Right after the shoot I took the first photo and you can see my usual reaction starting to happen. I gave it another series of zaps and took the second photo 20 minutes later. No trickery, that is the same arm!

Having personally tried and tested this product I can guarantee that you will find it as effective as I have, it is amazing. In fact if you aren't totally satisfied after 30 days return it to me and I'll completely refund your money. It can't get any fairer or simpler than that.

Our Guarantee

Thanks for taking the time to check out this amazing device for stopping insect bites from itching and swelling. They say a picture's worth a thousand words so I did a quick video explanation to make it really simple.

"Beat Those Bites"
Having been bitten to death recently on a yoga holiday in Corfu (morning and evening classes in grassy areas) I was so grateful to my husband for having sent me on my holiday with this wonderful gadget. It is strange to think that a painfree tiny amount of electricity can have such a magical effect on insect bites - the mosquitoes found all of us very tasty - a few clicks on the bitten area reduced the itching and you could see the swelling go down with each click. Most of the group thought it was a ridiculous idea until they saw the effects and then the only 2 things disturbing our peaceful yoga classes were the call to borrow "my clicker" and the clicking of my ZapIt giving instant relief. Thank you for whoever invented it. - Janet Mortimer (Southampton, UK)
"Almost Magic"
I've just returned form a 3 week holiday in Turkey and I must
have very tasty blood or something because I was bitten all
over my body for the entire 3 weeks (not trying to put people
off visiting Turkey!!!!). My friend, who was with me had one of
these ZapIts in his possession and I was shocked at how
effective a little bolt of electricity was on a mosquito bite.
Recommend this to everyone! - Ryan (Herne Bay, Kent, UK)
"Great! A Must Have"
I have always suffered quite badly from insect bites with
them becoming very inflamed and uncomfortable. As such I
have tried a lot of remedies and i have to say this is the best
I've come across. Not only does it sooth the itching and
reduce the size of the bite, but I found it also helps the skin
to heal afterwards without any scaring. Its small and easy to
use and the most effective treatment for insect bites i have found.
Great! - Jennifer Toase (Leeds, UK)
It really does work!
Unfortunately I have become allergic to mozzie and other insect bites, and the ZAP-IT! works better at reducing both swelling and itching than anti-histamine creams and tablets. Just ordered my second ZAP-IT! as original has finally run out of ‘Zaps’. A little skeptical when first saw advert, but it really does work! Very highly recommended. Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
David Symmonds
Great new Gadget…
I don’t know what this gismo does but it does do exactly what it says on the box, it relives itching almost instantly and it didn’t come back! Not only that, if you’re stuck you can light the gas with it. Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
When used as soon as you notice the bite, it takes out the itch and the redness and the lump soon goes down. As mosquitoes seem to love me so much it was a great help on holiday in Turkey but I did have to zap each bite about ten times, will not be without it on my next holiday! Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
This product is excellent. I spent 2 months on a mosquito infested island and the zapper was invaluable. If you get to your bites quick enough after they have occurred you won’t even know where you were bitten in a couple of hours time. It is almost pain free and really does work far better than anything else I have tried. I would highly recommend this product… the only downfall is that you won’t be able to leave your hotel without it! And no, it’s not a good idea to try putting it on your tongue!
LKT Brunton,
At last have been able to find a replacement for the Click that l bought in Oz. Took on a holiday to The Maldives and it got past around the restaurant table every night. These tiny little things really to work, can’t praise it enough. Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Nikki Wilkinson
Bought 3 pieces (so the whole family had one) because we were at the camp and it turned out to be a good idea because they work really. Woke up with two large mosquito bites, flipped 5 times on each and less than 1 minute after scratching it no more. Later bumps almost gone. Zapped does not at all hurt, barely a dot :)...
Daniel Asmus, Denmark
This has really been a great help so far! As I am allergic to mosquito bites are not much help when I got bitten. It is not much help for me not to be bitten. But Zap-It has been really wonderful! Remember to avoid smearing on a lot of creams and the like with the amount of unhealthy substances in any time! It was like a dream come true for me. The other day when I had been out, I had managed to get no less than 22 mosquito bites on bare foot (I counted them safely five times), (Had sandals and no socks). My foot was already swollen up when I discovered them. So I thought, now I’ll put the Zap-It to the test for real! And it helped, both the swelling and the itching decreased! Wonderful product that I recommend to everyone! : D Regards an allergic person all mosquitoes love!...
Grodan, Sweden
It worked for me. I am very prone to mosquito bites that itch enormously so I’m really happy that it worked on me. The top
Klådan, Sweden
Awesome - great product
One of the best products ever purchased for our holiday in
Cuba along with the life system mosquito spray and electronic
bug killer! Thank you.
Very pleased with it, works well. Nice little gadget to keep in the
first aid kit.
Sharon Ebert
I brought this and found that it worked really well, i sometimes
had to use it a few more times than the instructions said but
definitely the best for bites and I would use this again on
my travels for sure
Kris Jonsson
This is the best bite relief clicker that I have used and I have tried many other brands. The best result is to use it instantly after a bite. 10 clicks on the bite area and within few minutes it has gotten rid of itchiness and skin irritation. I have used it for many years on my travels to Asia.
I brought this product last year, i live in Beijing where i always get bitten. I don't know how it works, the itching relief works but if not holded properly there is an electric shock. Apart from that its very handy

There are a lot of great testimonials online and some awesome reviews from travel bloggers. Here are some samples...

Special Offer

Buy 5 ZapIt's and I'll throw in an extra one for FREE. Right now I'm only shipping within North America. These ZapIts are available in many good pharmacies and supermarket chains throughout Europe like ASDA, Superdrug, Boots & Aldi, and I believe in Australia and parts of Asia too.

Order now in North America!

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ZapIt Key Characteristics and Benefits

Rapidly stops itching and the urge to scratch.

Reduces inflammation and skin blemishes.

Safe, simple and easy to use.

Effective on most common insect bites.

Clinically tested and approved by medical doctors.

Long lasting - Can be used for up to 1,000 bites.

Non Allergic.

Portable, small, discrete, can be used anytime anywhere.

Older bites are sometimes troublesome; the damage is sometimes already done but ZapIt can help to soothe the itch and avoid the scratching which can make things worse and cause infection.

Contra Indications

ZapIt is for external use only. It should not be used around eyes, mouth or sensitive areas of the body including pulse points. It can potentially ignite flammable substances and should not be used around fuel sources or recently applied insect repellent. If used on bleeding or secreting area clean and disinfect thoroughly before re-using and do not share with other people.


Not recommended for children under 4 years of age, for people wearing a heart pacemaker, or for epileptic sufferers. Store out of the reach of children. Dispose of this product responsibly at the end of its life.

Technical Stuff

Expected use of the device is intended for about 1,000 bites.
Discharge voltage: 13kV
Amperage: 0.7mA
Discharge duration: 10 microseconds Weight: 7g
ZapIt adheres to the piezo electric detoxifier patent No. 5,496,356 invented by Paul Hudz.

Scratching a mosquito bite may bring short-lived relief but it also floods the bitten area with histamine causing swelling, incessant urges to scratch and a risk of damaging the skin’s surface, and therefore infection. A safe, clinically tested way to deal with pesky mozzie and other insect bites¹ is to use Zap-It!- a small but effective piezo (meaning to squeeze or press) device that generates a harmless and mild (no stronger than a gentle pinch) low electrical impulse created by crystals (this same technology is commonly used in clocks, lighters and guitar pickups) to deliver harmless little ‘zaps’ which stops the itching and urge to scratch in minutes.


Recent results of a clinical study carried out at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine confirms the therapeutic benefits of Zap-It! on mosquito bites by reducing histamine flow, and therefore the itch, whilst stimulating the capillaries into flushing out the toxins.


Zap-It! is a registered medical device and can be used by everyone as and when required except epileptics, those fitted with a pacemaker and children under 4. Do not use directly after applying repellent. Each ‘zapper’ provides over 10,000 clicks (zaps) - enough for a lifetime of bites! 



Clinical Trials

A Double blind trial by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine University of London, Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases proved the efficacy of piezo detoxifier principal - April 2002 

University of Bergamo, Clinical Trial 1997 with 100 patients concluded 92% of patients were itch free 5 minutes after being treated with piezo detoxifier. 

Several articles on the principle of treating snakes and insect bites with electric impulses have been published in the most respected medical publication The Lancet. 


Further trials are ongoing.


The antihistamine piezo principle is proven to work successfully on mosquito and horsefly bites as well as jellyfish and nettle stings.* Use ZapIt on a new bite as soon as possible after you have been bitten.

Why it Works...

If you've decided not to purchase a ZapIt at this time please can you help me out and drop me a quick note and let me know why? Is there some info lacking or a question not answered...

Or if you could share your success story that'd be great too!

Thanks for taking the time ;-)

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